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Official server providers

The following game server providers provide official supported servers for Nuclear Dawn. If you want to run your own Nuclear Dawn server and want to be sure of good quality servers and service then check out one of our official server providers.
Some even provide a discount!

Company Description Region
Hypernia Preferred partner
Hypernia is a game server provider that offers quality servers and gaming services at reasonable prices. Clans and communities interested in Nuclear Dawn servers can get a 95% discount off initial order for all month to month contracts.To get this discount use Coupon code: nucleardawn
North America
Multiplay Multiplay is the number one source for all aspects of gaming, including: Game Servers, Gaming Events (LAN’s), Downloads & High Definition Trailers and Game Movies. All served from Multiplay’s own high performance network. North America
Nitrado Nitrado is a German Gameserver provider that offers a unique system for renting gameservers and voiceservers. There is no need to print and sign a contract. You just need to charge your account, order a server and start playing. Europe
ClanSlots ClanSlots is a UK based game server provider with a custom system offering clustered and redundant game servers to provide the highest quality service. Europe
LeetServers LeetServers knows what gamers want in a game server. All of your e-mails and support calls are handled by a gamer, knowledgeable in the server industry. North America

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