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Nuclear Dawn Update 7.1

We have just released Nuclear Dawn Update 7.1 with full support for OSX, Windows and Linux.

– You may not have been aware yet but this game supports Steam Workshop. In this Update we have made several improvements for this feature.
– Another major addition, is that Linux players can now play against Mac and Windows players.
– We have also fixed several language options !

Here is the complete list of fixes and additions for Nuclear Dawn update 7.1:


– Enhanced Linux support for the game to allow Linux players to play vs Mac and Windows players.
– Fixed Russian and Czech Languages not being selectable in Steam game properties.
– Fixed minimap placement issues that would sometimes occur after resolution change.
– Fixed issue where commander could get stuck on a ladder.
– Fixed sonic turret fire range being slightly shorter than lock-on range.
– Whitelisted r_decals …

Nuclear Dawn Update 6.9

Sittard, The Netherlands, 19 December 2012 – InterWave Studios announces the release of Nuclear Dawn Patch 6.9.

This long-awaited patch for the award-winning FPS-RTS hybrid Nuclear Dawn features a major update to gameplay, with the implementation of the Player Levelling Systems.

As of Patch 6.9, players will be able to gain levels, and unlock an upgrade of their choosing with each level reached.  Not only will they be able to increase their health and weapon damage, but also to unlock features such as access to Siege Classes, which were previously only unlockable by the Commander.

Further enhancements brought by 6.9 include game controller support for both game and in-game menus, positional audio for Mumble clients, and a reworked, extended server browser that implements much of the community’s feedback.

There is of course more, including bug fixes and  community mod support. For a full list of changes in 6.9, head over …

Nuclear Dawn patch 6.8: Skirmish time

SITTARD, THE NETHERLANDS– November 9th, 2012– InterWave Studios announces the release of Nuclear Dawn patch 6.8, which brings a new game mode, Steam Workshop support, and several improvements, all at a reduced price of 9.99USD.

As well as fixing several exploits and updating the localizations, we introduce Skirmish, a Team Deathmatch game mode for players itching to sample Nuclear Dawn’s class-based tactical combat without the intricacies of RTS gameplay.

Two teams, four classes and a whole lot of weapons and ammo should make for some interesting, brutal and visceral matches. Skirmish stars its own release map, sk_metro, based on the homonymous Warfare location, tweaked for even closer combat.

It’s not all war and destruction, however, and Patch 6.8 also includes full Steam Workshop support for the distribution of custom, community-made maps and content. Now is the time to finish up those maps to share with the world!

It would have …

Nuclear Dawn update 6.8 released

A new update is now available on Steam for Nuclear Dawn. This update brings Skirmish mode to Nuclear Dawn which basically is Team Deathmatch. In this gameplay mode there will be no commander, no rts elements and no resources or capture points available. Down below the full changelog:

Nuclear Dawn 6.8

– Added new Skirmish team deathmatch game mode.
– Added new Skirmish map sk_metro.

– Added nd_skirmish_limit convar for Skirmish team kill limit. 0 to disable and use only mp_roundtime.
– Added support to execute a cfg/gamemode_skirmish.cfg or cfg/gamemode_warfare.cfg at map start if existing.
– Added support to execute cfg/
.cfg at map start if existing after mode cfg.
– Skirmish mode uses same mp_timelimit, mp_winlimit, mp_maxrounds, and mp_roundtime variables as Warfare.

Other fixes
– Fixed spawning-related glitches that could occur if pressing spawn button multiple times.
– Fixed issues where server tags displayed improperly in server browser …

Nuclear Dawn update 6.7

Nuclear Dawn just got another update on Steam. This version brings Steam Workshop support for custom maps and lots more. Checkout the full changelog below:

– Added support for Steam Workshop for maps.
– Added average player rank to server browser and Play Now calculation.
– Sprays and kit/gizmo preferences now sync with Steam Cloud.
– Improved alt-tab handling under Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Other fixes
– Fixed occasional ‘stuck’ bug after spawning.
– Fixed ammo counter on daisy cutter for CT Assault & Support and Empire Support.
– Fixed ammo counter on CT Stealth.
– Fixed an issue where chat would not show to commanders until they clicked the chat box.
– Fixed crash on game launch if squad talk key is pressed during start.
– Fixed glitch where research-restricted kit could show as selected even if unusable.
– Fixed squad chat not working if mega menu …

Nuclear Dawn update 6.6 released

We have just updated Nuclear Dawn to version 6.6.
This version is mostly a bug fix and tweak update that changes the following:

Gameplay and Balance

– Slightly lowered NX300 damage output against players.
– Slightly raised Sonic Turrent damage output to balance with Flame Turret’s extra fire damage.
– Lowered Machine Gun Turret cost to 2500.
– Commanders now get points for a critical assist if player-initiated artillery strike kills an enemy.
– Empire commander ability poison is now differently colored to distinguish between it and Consortium’s.
– Commander poison ability now matches description and no longer hurts teammates unless friendly fire is enabled.
– Fixed NX300 not hurting teammates with friendly fire enabled.


– Updated Report a Bug link.
– Added invert mouse wheel zoom option to Options panel.
– Fixed bad password connect error box using lan server error text after a recent update.
– Fixed …

Happy birthday, Nuclear Dawn

A year ago today, we were manically refreshing our web browsers, trying to catch the first glimpse of Nuclear Dawn on the Steam store. It was release day, and many of us were slightly swaying on our feet, exhausted from a gruelling last minute development crunch.

Today, Nuclear Dawn is a year old, and looking back on those earlier development builds is a little like watching early toddler pictures of your child. Except that our baby comes with murderous classes armed to the teeth with weapons of mass annihilation. And turrets. And things that go boom.

A strong community gathered around Nuclear Dawn, and would not let it sink when it could have. You guys have been great, and took our love for Nuclear Dawn and made it your own, and are now as much a part of the game as the code and levels itself.

Our journey slowed …

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