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Welcome to Nuclear Dawn

Nuclear Dawn is a Source engine based Multiplayer game that combines the visceral action of a First Person Shooter with the deep branching gameplay of a Real Time Strategy title.Forge your own destiny on the field of battle with every tactical decision, and ensure your faction’s survival with each headshot, capture buildings and bring the fight to your enemies’ strongholds riding the future’s machines of destruction.Exploit the terrain and resource point locations to block your enemies’ tactical advance, and crush their plans in an iron fist. Research and implement new technology to give your soldiers the edge on the battlefield, and set up forward bases to lead the assault on your enemies, with full defensive and offensive structures to choose from and upgrade to build your perfect fortress.The world has changed, it has been swept clean by the winds of change. Do you think you can survive it?

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Nuclear Dawn Update 6.9

Sittard, The Netherlands, 19 December 2012 – InterWave Studios announces the release of Nuclear Dawn Patch 6.9.

This long-awaited patch for the award-winning FPS-RTS hybrid Nuclear Dawn features a major update to gameplay, with the implementation of the Player Levelling Systems.

As of Patch 6.9, players will be able to gain levels, and unlock an upgrade of their choosing with each level reached.  Not only will they be able to increase their health and weapon damage, but also to unlock features such as access to Siege Classes, which were previously only unlockable by the Commander.

Further enhancements brought by 6.9 include game controller support for both game and in-game menus, positional audio for Mumble clients, and a reworked, extended server browser that implements much of the community’s feedback.

There is of course more, including bug fixes and  community mod support. For a full list of changes in 6.9, head over …

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